Promoting the Love of God

My Beliefs

I believe YAHAUH has created a mechanism (internet) to be a Global ministry, to Glorify His Son and impact those lowly in Spirit worldwide. God has entrusted His people to carry forward a message of atonement and covenant to His people.

For those seeking the Truth and rightwisenss for the knowledge of Life. The Spirit of the Living God will bless the paths of those seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, especially those who are willing to sow monetary seeds, that are planted in good soil and watered by His word. Whereby faith and obedience are the characteristics of a True disciple fashioned to expand the tent pegs of The Kingdom of God.

This can only be done by faith and obedience to His calling under the Spirit of God's direction. It is His Kingdom and His ministry; I am blessed to be a mere vessel. Please contact me at any time, using the email footer on this page

Traveling Author and Teacher