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Hello friends and family. Be blessed and be a blessing. My name is Chris Hattery. The vision God has given me and my love for His creation, is to show my faithfulness to His Kingdom. My desire is to create a company that is dedicated to God's Glory and for His Kingdom growth. Thereby supported by those things that are Kingdom focused and where covenant giving is the highest standard of Love.

Let us all learn love first, as we decrease, so our King can increase. Our priestly duty, in the likeness of Melchizedek, is to present ourselves as a matured Bride; a living sacrifice, set apart as His first fruit. Our wealth is found in the strength of Joy, of which, is found in service to ALL things related, to and for, Kingdom people's business.

My love for God and Family is my top priority. I am dedicated to my immediate family in love, and yet, I find myself with the same desire to serve the Kingdom family. This desire and dedication are made fresh daily by a Kingdom first mentality, which truly lines itself up with.... then ALL things shall be added unto you.

As a traveling teacher and author. I have devoted countless hours to rightly dividing His Truth. Being led by the Spirit of the Living God. I found a passion for study and by taking notes and writing them down. I noticed that spiritual thoughts became spiritual words for sweetness of speech, of which, are verified by the word of God.

These delineations of the past seven years and currently, have been compiled into a written five-part series titled, A 20/20 Priesthood FEED MY SHEEP. This series covers an in depth look at the strength of Atonement and the strength of Covenant in union with Grace and Truth.

The word of God does not change for any man and those men found in opposition to the word of God, by their religious affiliations, have proselytized the lies of the enemy. As the book series, I have been led to write, bring these falsehoods to the surface for your examination.

The Father has laid it upon my heart and mind to also write an in-depth study on the origin of sin nature and its propensity for demonization, of which, I have included as the fifth part.

As a traveling teacher I have spent some time on the east coast bringing this examination of human nature and sin nature to the people and how they are directly yoked to the oppressions and possessions of the animal soul. The spoken words of man that speaks ill-will against Life, can, and will be, used as enchantments for demonization. The knowledge God has given us, by His Spirit, are rejected by the very same people behind the pulpit. They are destroying and are being destroyed, for the lack of knowledge.

Time to wake up. With no hesitation, send me an email, ask questions, book a speaking engagement. I am a willing vessel dedicated to the growth of His Kingdom and to help bring, through discussion, His vision for Life and Love. It is His wisdom, based on His Truth, where Love and Life kiss and the people become Royalty.

The artistry I offer for purchase at CRH Global Ventures LLC/GEO Galleries is just another way to express myself, in Love, for His Kingdom; and to build up monetary seeds for His Kingdom and for His Glory.

Your purchase is used as seed money, of which, goes directly into the traveling ministry for Kingdom Temple expansion. To make and create disciples.

The Israelites gave with joy to build the temple for the Most High, a dwelling place for His Glory. How is that dedication any different, when we offer God a portion; of what is His to begin with; to build our church families temple. God loves a cheerful giver.

Because of His Son, we receive His gift of Life. In that gift we received, we should freely give. There is nothing wrong in asking for seed money, in support of Life, amongst the people for Temple growth. Your gift of Love demonstrates your faithfulness in support of those willing to go and make disciples.

Ask yourself. Do not the parts of the body; support the whole body? and those who are under the Head are supported by ONE who created? INDEED!!!

How much more Joy can one experience in building Life, and Love amongst His body. By expanding the tent pegs of His Kingdom, here on earth, we find greatness in His authority as we demonstrate our faithfulness in Love. Inasmuch as a gift of Life is of His Spirit, many will come to know Him and His gift. Because of your faithfulness towards Life, a seed of Love that finds good soil, which is planted and watered for the harvest to come.

To help those in need and lowly in Spirit is the lifestyle of our Messiah. To emulate His seed of Love is much needed in this Global effort, to make disciples among the nations. The process of giving your hard-earned money, indeed, rests on a cheerful heart and not obligation. However, in your gift of love, one can receive a nice wall piece, for your devotion to His Kingdom. Moreover, a five-part book series devoted to the meat of His Word. This is my gift of Love for you.

Please note!! This is not for my personal gain, but for Gods Glory. Here at CRH Global Ventures the name describes the length of love and dedication, on a Global scale. I have committed myself to do His work, in His Kingdom, for His people. In Love. Join me, a mere vessel, committed to the maturity within the Body of our Messiah as two sticks become one in His hand and for His Kingdom.

Be blessed and be a blessing beloved of YAHUAH!!

Traveling Author and Teacher

Questions and Bookings

Please use the form below to contact me with any questions about my digital artwork and books. If you prefer to book a date for me to travel and teach. Let's start that conversation.

Dates of ministry are based on first come first to serve basis.