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GEO Galleries Artistry for Gods Glory

GEO Galleries Artistry for Gods Glory

River of Living Water

River of Living Water  In this awe-inspiring captivation …
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The Radiant Portrait

The Radiant Portrait  The crowned Lion of Judah and His …
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The Garden in Torah

The Garden in Torah This elegant view of a place where …
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The Ancient Path

The Ancient Path From Saini to Calvary. This visually …
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Golgotha A Day of Gloom

Golgotha A Day of Gloom This day of gloom became His day …
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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life  This eye candy, of the earth and the …
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Promoting the Love of God

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I'm just a guy with Love in my heart for Gods Kingdom and His people. Find out more about me and Gods vision of Grace and Truth for His people since beginning.

We are Royalty it's time we act like it.

Teaching Videos on Rumble and You Tube

Follow me on rumble where I have uploaded short clips of the Book series and where you may also find more teachings.

On You Tube. Flipping The Tables of Mans Doctrine  

I am personally sold out to the expansion of God's Kingdom and loving His creation. ...

Speaking Engagements

Book A Speaking Engagement

Book A Speaking Engagement

Teaching In The Context of Spirit and Truth.

The time is now. Choose this day whom you shall serve. God is a God of covenant, and His …
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